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About Us (old)

  I'm modifying puzzle cubes of many sizes enhance their speed and performance, and selling them to you at good prices. Other sites sell modded 3x3 speedcubes for up to $100, but I'm selling them each for only $50 and I do everything I can to ensure top quality in each cube.

All the cubes are modified, lubricated, and tensioned to my preference (you can adjust them yourself.)


  I spend hours on each cube and I don't just do the regular modifications that you anyone can do at home but also create my own and test them on my "prototypes". I inspect the mechanism for each cube and find which mods are good and which are bad (example: rounding the parts of the corner piece where the wing edges go on a Zhanchi will increase popping).


  I do everything I can to keep each cube clean and in best condition. You will love your cube, Guaranteed.

  I've recently gotten a lot of questions like "how can i trust your site?", and "how do I know this isn't a scam?". These are good questions and the answers can be found here. On the page, in the "how does paypal stop hackers" section, it says:

  "Your PayPal account is protected by the latest anti-fraud technology and a dedicated team of specialists working round-the-clock against the bad guys. We constantly monitor PayPal transactions for suspicious activity and alert our customers as soon as a problem is detected".

  You can also read the "how does paypal  protect my purchases?" section for more information.