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Modified 3x3 Cubes


A modified 3x3 puzzle cube lubricated and tensioned.  Over 5 hours of work are put into each cube.

Guhong - Very smooth and quiet.  Its fast, but easy to control.  It has a super smooth and slick feel.  Recommended for cubers who like slightly tight tensions.

Zhanchi - Very fast.  It's a bit louder than the Guhong.  It feels silky, yet it also has a slight crisp to it.  It's great for two-handed and one-handed solving alike.  Recommended for cubers who like slightly loose tensions.

These cubes don't pop when at the right tension.  While the Zhanchi has a slightly loose feel, it won't pop even under rough turning.

To purchase cubes, send us an email at [email protected] (ignore the "out of stock" label) letting us know what cube you are interested in, and we will put you on the waiting list (usually under one month).  You don't pay until your cube is ready to be shipped.  We ship for free throughout USA and Canada, and charge 9.95 for everywhere else.  We only accept Paypal.

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